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RodentX is your Finger Lakes bat removal specialist. Finding bats in your home or attic can be scary and it’s important to bring in a professional for bat removal. No matter your location in and around the Finger Lakes region, call 585-358-1525 and we’ll solve your bat problem…permanently.

Despite the reaction many people have when finding a bat in their home or business, bats are actually beneficial animals to have in the environment. We do not kill any bats during our bat removal process and recommend you never hire a pest control company or anyone who says they are a bat exterminator. For correct and effective bat removal, you want a company that specializes in humane bat colony extraction.

When you hire RodentX as your Finger Lakes bat removal provider, you can rely on full bat removal and the peace of mind that comes with our comprehensive inspection of your home and attic so the bats don’t return. From sealing entry holes as small as 1/4 inch to removing entire bat colonies, we will permanently bat-proof your home, attic, or business so you remain bat-free.

Not all Finger Lakes bat removal companies are the same. While we have years of experience with permanent bat removal and are familiar with the proper methods for bat exclusion, others may use incorrect techniques, such as bat traps, improper exclusions, or worse, fumigants.

Bat removal projects in the Finger Lakes are not easy, especially with the changing seasons, and bat removal is not for amateurs. We have seen many horrible attempts at bat colony removal throughout the years, done both by do-it-yourself homeowners and by incompetent companies. Never hire a Finger Lakes pest control company that uses poisons for rodent, bat, or insect control. Not only is this incredibly destructive and potentially illegal, but it often results in disaster for the homeowner, and does not actually solve the bat problem. It’s very important that the removal of bats from the attic of your home or your business is done in the correct manner, and there is only one correct way…live bat exclusion, post-removal decontamination, and proven bat-proofing methods.

If you are experiencing a bat infestation in your home or business…whether you only spotted one bat or the entire colony, you should immediately contact the experienced Finger Lakes bat removal experts at RodentX. We will  not only manage and remove current infestations, but also prevent future problems during our visits. Schedule your free home inspection now and let our experts create a tailored control plan for you!

Call (585) 358-1525 and let us handle your bat removal needs!

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