We Find & Replace Insulation Damaged by Bats, Rodents, and Critters.

Rodent and wildlife infestations can cause serious damage throughout your home or business, including areas you can’t readily see. Rodent nests, droppings, and urine can bring unwanted dangers and odors that need to be remedied fast.

Home insulation damage, especially in attics, basements, and crawl spaces, is often difficult to find and even more difficult to repair. That’s where we come in! Not only will we eradicate infestations, we’ll also locate any insulation damage, remove the problem areas, clean  and disinfect the space, and install new insulation that meets the required R Value rating.

Why Bother Fixing Insulation?
If a rodent infestation is suspected (no matter the size), removal and repair are critical because rodents can carry and spread harmful bacteria or transmit serious diseases to humans. Damaged insulation can become a breeding ground for problems, so removing, disinfecting, and replacing soiled insulation is key for your family’s health, well-being, and peace of mind.

We guarantee our insulation repair with a 1-year warrranty!

Why Choose RodentX?
The health risks posed by urine, feces, and nesting materials after a rodent infestation is one of the central reasons why it is highly recommended to have professionals remove your attic insulation.

We have years of experience in not only removing critter infestations, but preventing them and repairing damage as well. Why settle for treatment alone when RodentX can repair and prevent as part of our service call?

We are a poison-free company, we have a stellar reputation, we are discreet in our arrival and service, we provide ongoing aftercare, and we offer affordable pricing on our full range of pest, rodent, and wildlife removal services. Call today and we’ll be there!

Call (585) 358-1525 and let us handle your Finger Lakes Pest Proofing needs!

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