RodentX offers effective and humane bat removal services near you whether bats are in your attic, garage, chimney, basement, or more.

RodentX specializes in humane bat removal and prevention. Our experienced inspector will perform a full interior and exterior inspection to find signs of an infestation or vulnerable access points. Due to the dangers of exposure to guano, it is extremely important for a respirator to be worn when in an attic containing bats, so it’s important to call an expert like RodentX.

The most common entry points for bats are through openings at the roof edge or valleys, eaves, the apex of the gable, chimney, attic or roof vent, dormers, and siding, but we look everywhere because so will they.

With most bat infestations, bats may roost behind shutters or where the siding and edge boards are properly joined or sealed. Bats will also roost on porches and patios, in garages, behind shingles or roof gutters. Because of their size, bats can squeeze through the narrowest openings, including doors, windows, utility vents, or gaps around conduits. If your home has an older wood frame, it’s possible that boards may have shrunk, warped, or loosened enough to provide a hideaway for bats.


When removing bats, a non-lethal venting and eviction approach is not only preferred but also the most effective. It can be difficult to locate all active and potential openings available to bats, but RodentX is experienced in the removal and prevention of bats from entering or re-entering your home or business.

Bat Removal – We provide safe, humane removal of nuisance bats from your home or property.

Bat Prevention – We offer reliable prevention from future bat intrusions in your home.

Bat Damage Repairs – We also offer professional and permanent repairs to entry points, insulation, and damage from bat roosts, urine, or guano.



We will diagnose the vulnerabilities that helped lead to the problem we're solving for you.


We will clear your home, attic, roof, garage, and more of the infestation.


We can fully resolve the root cause so the critters cannot return and future infestations are prevented.


We can make periodic checks and service visits to ensure your home is protected.

Whether you have just a few bats or many, it’s important to rectify the problem right away to avoid ongoing or worsening problems and dangers. We can help eliminate bats in your home and prevent them from re-entry, so give us a call today.

Call (585) 358-1525 and let us handle your bat, rodent, and wildlife removal needs!

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