RodentX offers effective and humane opossum removal services near you whether opossums are in your attic, garage, yard, basement, or more.

Are opossums under your house, deck, or in your crawl space? Do they seem to return and make a mess? Because they are elusive and nocturnal, and due to the damage they can cause, opossums are often considered nuisance animals.

Typically opossums raid gardens, chicken coops, bird feeders, pet food, garages, and garbage. They can sometimes den in sheds, basements, or attics, and when they do, they typically make a big mess.

Not sure if you have an opossum infestation or want to know how bad the invasion might be? RodentX can provide you with an inspection to see if you have opossum issues. Our experienced wildlife service technician will look for signs such as footprints on, in, or around your home, large openings leading to the home, garage, or crawl space, and any signs of opossum damage, scratches, dens, or poop.


If you come across an opossums, it may growl, hiss, and/or screech if it feels threatened. Remember, if an opossum is hissing or drooling that does not necessarily mean it’s rabid. However, it’s best to be safe and give us a call to have it removed. Opossums will eat almost anything, including garbage, roadkill, rotten fruit, grass, insects, birds, and snakes, so it’s likely your home offers something of interest.

Opossum Removal – We provide safe, humane removal of nuisance opossums from your home or property.

Opossum Prevention – We offer reliable prevention from future opossums intrusions in your home.

Opossum Damage Repairs – We also offer professional and permanent repairs to entry points, insulation, and damage from opossums urine or feces.



We will diagnose the vulnerabilities that helped lead to the problem we're solving for you.


We will clear your home, attic, roof, garage, and more of the infestation.


We can fully resolve the root cause so the critters cannot return and future infestations are prevented.


We can make periodic checks and service visits to ensure your home is protected.

Whether you have just one opossum causing problems or a family of opossums invading your house or yard, we have the knowledge, experience, and critter removal skills to solve your opossum problem.

Call (585) 358-1525 and let us handle your opossum, rodent, and wildlife removal needs!

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