Why Is Bat Removal Important?



Gross. Just look at that photo. What you’re looking at is one of many piles of bat guano. Droppings that signal a long-term infestation of a bat colony. Left unresolved, the droppings can cause all kinds of problems for your home, your attic, and even your family.

Bats are the most common transmitter of rabies to humans. If you see a sick bat on the ground, do not pick it up. If you have been or suspect that you have been bitten by a bat, contact your local center for disease control, and if possible, retain the bat for laboratory testing. The droppings of the bat can also grow fungus, which people can breathe in and from which they can contract serious lung diseases, such as histoplasmosis.

If you spot a bat in your home, it’s likely that bat droppings are there as well. Only a professional inspection can tell for sure, and we’ll not only find and remove the bat infestation, but we’ll bat-proof your home by eliminating their entry points as well.

Just removing the bats is not enough…it’s important to have bat waste removed as part of a complete bat control project. This is why decontamination is a big part of our bat removal services.

No matter your location in and around the Finger Lakes region, call 585-358-1525 and we’ll solve your bat problem…permanently.

When it comes to bats in your home, let us remove the nuisance! Most interactions with bats throughout the Finger Lakes occur when the bats form colonies in structures, particularly in the attics of homes. This is a common behavior, because the females seek out warm places in which to raise their young.

When the bats live in a building, they create a considerable amount of droppings and urine, which not only cause a bad odor, but which can corrode wood and worse, pose a biohazardous risk. The bats can also cause significant noise when in high numbers. Once bats find a suitable maternity roost, they will stay there pretty much forever. That is, each new generation will return to that same area, and each bat can live up to 20 years.

Because of the low mortality rate, bat colonies effectively double in size each year that they are left ignored. Suddenly your small bat problem is a large one. We handle bat calls throughout the Finger Lakes all year round, but the calls increase dramatically when the new young are just learning how to fly. This is because the size of the colony has just doubled, and because the inexperienced young will often enter the house. If there are bats, there is guano, and you need to call us immediately to protect your home and family from contamination and a worsening bat infestation.

If you are experiencing a bat infestation in your home or business…whether you only spotted one bat or the entire coloney, you should immediately contact the experienced Finger Lakes bat removal experts at RodentX. We will  not only manage and remove current infestations, but also prevent future problems during our visits. Schedule your free home inspection now and let our experts create a tailored control plan for you!

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