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We specialize in trapping and removal of rats, mice and other rodents. We also remove bats and other species of wildlife.


RodentX, LLC provides professional wildlife removal services throughout the Rochester, Syracuse, Ithaca and Elmira Areas. Our company utilizes humane traps to capture mice, rats, bats and wildlife in your attic and on your property so you don’t have to deal with them yourself. We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly by never using poison or toxins in our work. If you have a critter problem, let RodentX get rid of mice, rats, bats or wildlife today.

Small Critters We Remove Include:


Bat Removal

RodentX offers effective and humane bat removal services near you whether bats are in your attic, garage, chimney, basement, or more.

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Mice Removal

RodentX offers effective mouse and mice removal services near you whether mice are in your attic, garage, walls, basement, kitchen, or more.

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Rat Removal

Rats living in your crawl space or walls? Do you have disappearing pet food? Are dead rats or rat droppings in your attic? Do you hear scurrying or scratching? These may well be signs of a rat infestation. We will identify intruding rats, determine the most effective way to get them out of your home and then customize a solution to keep them from coming back.

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Squirrels Removal

RodentX specializes in squirrel removal. Our wildlife professionals are experienced in handling all types of squirrel. Even though tree squirrels and flying squirrels climb and live in trees, they can also use your home for shelter, making them capable of causing significant damage. They are adept at finding openings in homes easily and utilize their climbing abilities to gain access. Squirrels can also be seen causing destruction to yards or gardens.

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Bird Removal

In nature, birds for sheltered areas that are away from weather and predators, but near food and water, to build their nests. This could be in trees, a bush, or on the ground. However, this can also mean they choose locations in or on your home, including roofs, chimneys, vents, decks, garages, soffits, sheds, and other areas that are less than desirable.

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Large Wildlife We Remove Include:


Woodchucks Removal

Are woodchucks under your deck or shed? In or near your home? RodentX can solve your woodchuck problems. We use more than one approach to humanely remove and exclude woodchucks from your home and property.

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Raccoon Removal

RodentX specializes in raccoon removal. In order to remove and control a raccoon or family of raccoons on your property, our wildlife specialist will perform a thorough inspection to ascertain the severity of the raccoon infestation. After the inspection, they will build a custom solution to trap, remove, and seal all entry points. They will also provide warranty options as well as an estimate for preventative services.

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Opossums Removal

Are opossums under your house, deck, or in your crawl space? Do they seem to return and make a mess? Because they are elusive and nocturnal, and due to the damage they can cause, opossums are often considered nuisance animals.

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Skunk Removal

Skunks can pose a significant threat to the health of you and your family, pets, and property. These nocturnal pests are the most common carriers of rabies in many parts of the country, and carry diseases such as tularemia, leptospirosis, and canine distemper. A skunk’s sulfuric spray, which is known for its intense odor, is a defense mechanism and only used when a skunk feels cornered or threatened. If you or your pet come in contact with skunk spray, it can cause nausea or vomiting.

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Groundhog Removal

Are groundhogs under your deck or shed? In or near your home? RodentX can solve your groundhog problems. We use more than one approach to humanely remove and exclude groundhogs from your home and property.

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RodentX, LLC Provides


We will diagnose the vulnerabilities that helped lead to the problem we’re solving for you.


We will clear your home, attic, roof, garage, and more of the infestation.


We can fully resolve the root cause so the critters cannot return and future infestations are prevented.


We can make periodic checks and service visits to ensure your home is protected.

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